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24 May 2020 @ 09:08 pm
HMD/plotting post for Iroh! If you've any critiques, any comments, or want to plot, just drop me a line here - you can also reach me via PM, AIM (metonumia) or e-mail (asyndeta@gmail.com).

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16 December 2011 @ 08:25 pm
[Iroh turns on the video feed to show a familiar scene behind him - the town cafe/diner, simple but well-kept, decorated for the season with strings of lights.]

The very warmest of welcomes to those of you visiting friends or family for the holidays, and a welcome back for those of you returning home. As usual, we've expanded our menu with a few sweets and surprises for the festive season, and have some special offers for our guests! Be sure to find us in the town square whenever you wish - we open early and stay open well into the night.

[Open Spam]

[You can find Iroh doing plenty over the next few days - cooking, topping up coffee for customers, taking a break in a quiet moment or simply stopping for a chat with the regulars. Employees can find him engaged with paperwork in the back office. Outside the diner, he's doing a bit of wandering while shopping for gifts.]

[OOC: AU!Iroh has been living in the village for about five years and is the owner/proprietor of its diner. It's broadly rumoured that he's led an interesting life but he tends not to be keen on talking about it.  I'm down for basically any assumed AU prior CR, within the bounds of reason. <3]
06 November 2011 @ 04:20 pm
As Paddy once did the same with some success, I shall be putting up a sheet in the dining hall for morning meal suggestions.  Food from home, personal favourites and the like.  I will take up ideas for breakfast once or twice a week, if supplies allow...any other suggestions will necessarily be left to the discretion of Una and Miss Parker. 

As always, the breakfast and lunch shifts are understaffed to some degree.

On a different note, have we acquired any chess or checkers players, of late?  It has been some time since I have challenged a new opponent.

[Private to Aleera, backdated by....a few days]

May we speak?

[OOC: Small housekeeping request!  If you play a character who works in the kitchens, please remember to post an update to the Barge Jobs thread because honestly I'm pretty bad at keeping track otherwise :c]
30 October 2011 @ 05:29 pm

It is necessary that we take stock. Whatever we do next, we must do by sharing information and resources.

As Dr Caesares has already mentioned, he will able to provide medical treatment from his cabin on Level Five, Room Ten. If you are any sort of healer, be it magical or medical, please make yourself known, as well as your room number if you would be happy to see visiting patients. If you have been injured and need help, or know someone else who has, now is the time to ask.

Rations have already been removed from the kitchens in the event that we lose access to the dining hall by any means. Should this happen, I will let everyone know when and from where food will be available. If two or three people with refrigerators could volunteer to store blood for those who may need it, you would be doing a vital service.

If you are able and willing to provide protection or security for those who require it, please make yourselves known. I would recommend setting up a number of protected areas throughout the ship, in empty cabins or common rooms, with some food rations and equipment for basic first aid. It seems the case that individual cabins are not necessarily safe.

If you have been trapped in the CES, or know who is, please say so. It will be best that we know where everyone is, even if they are beyond reach.

Finally. If you have plans for investigating or dealing with the heart of this problem, I believe that this is the time to show your hand and start seeking support.  Whatever action you might plan to take, it is best you not take it alone.

[Warden Filter]

If your Inmate has offered their help, please let it be known if they can be trusted to provide it. Supervision may be minimal and this is not the time to make matters worse by way of certain Inmates taking advantage of the chaos.

[OOC: Go go IC discussion post? I know this is a smidge early but things take time to thrash out OOCly, so consider this slightly forward-dated.]
24 October 2011 @ 08:23 pm
I have been gone for a while, it seems. Two weeks, simply...lost. At least the Barge is in better condition than when I...well, I don't like to say I left, that suggests I had a choice. Although, I am sorry to have missed what sounded like a very enjoyable stay at port. Did anyone take some photographs they might share?

Loki, thank you for taking over kitchen duties in my absence. I will resume opening the breakfast shift tomorrow.

Valmont, I hope that you are well? We should talk.

[Warden Filter]

If anything has happened - involving Valmont or Shendu, or more generally - that might not be clear from the network, I would be very grateful for that information.

[Private to Zuko]

And what did you make of this port, nephew?

[Private to Wanda]

I am sorry that I was gone for so long. How are you?
23 September 2011 @ 12:07 am
[Video, but not of Iroh - instead the camera is pointed at the 'sky' above deck, at a particularly interesting galaxy-like swirl slowly drifting past overhead. Iroh's voice comes from somewhere to the left.]

As I recall it, around this time last year the deck had begun to grow colder - the autumn leaves were beginning to fall, even without a place for them to fall from. Beautiful...if also quite bewildering. But, if the Barge experiences the changing seasons then I suppose that it will see some variation as well.

[A pause. To official business!]

With Sylar having graduated and left us, the kitchens are now entirely without Inmate support at breakfast time. Loki and I have been working alone, and...this cannot continue as it is. It is impossible to provide much better than vats of porridge, or bread and water, for so many people with so few hands to help.

I ask for five new recruits, at the very least.

Privates to Zuko & Wanda; Spam for ValmontCollapse )

[OOC: I checked with Rei to make sure that Barge Autumn Phenomena haven't quite started yet. <3 Also, I never got around to posting with him in port, but Iroh went native was an itinerant tea seller because lol that's what he always is. Feel free to assume your character bought something from him or shoved over his cart and was otherwise a douche, etc.]
29 August 2011 @ 04:01 pm
[Private to Valmont]

I am afraid my Item is no longer responding to you, Valmont. Have you been reassigned?

[Private to Mozenrath]

I have not received your file, but I appear to have been assigned as your Warden nonetheless. I think it is best we talk - where are you?

[Although he's pretty sure he already knows, as something is pulling him in a very specific direction.]

[OOC: Backdated to yesterday, natch.]
20 August 2011 @ 02:16 pm
[Unaffected people will notice that he speaks more slowly than usual, and his voice is more dessicated; he's also a good bit thinner, with the 'hollowed out' look of someone who's lost a lot of weight quickly through illness or stress. His beard has grown out longer and less tidy than he normally keeps it. The room behind him is quite ornate, painted in reds and golds; his suite at the Fire Nation palace.]

Fellow Wardens, pay no mind to this. Any word you might have head of a Barge unlike our own...any Wardens we once knew as brothers in arms, speaking out against the casual cruelties we mete out day after day. It will pass, as every flood passes, and then we will only know their anger that such words ever crossed their lips.

And if they should talk, and you should hear a voice inside your head - slurred and broken, perhaps speaking in a language you no longer understand, but somehow speaking nonetheless - I advise that you ignore it. Day after day we spend, hard at work teaching an Inmate to become deaf to his or her own conscience. Why would you not do the same? After all, you would not like what you hear.

May the spirits protect us from discovering what monsters we are.

Valmont, I haven't heard from you in some time.

[Private to Kirk]

May I speak with you?

Here, if we must, though you have my solemn vow that I will not do you harm.

Some changes to Mirror!IrohCollapse )
01 August 2011 @ 05:54 pm
[Video postin' today. Iroh is off to one side with a cup of tea at his elbow; the focus, however, is on a bright red lily in a glass case - a sort of artificial growing environment. One of the buds has very recently flowered; another couple are still closed.]

This is the Fire Lily. A symbol of my nation's culture, it represents the passion and drive of my people, yet it flowers only for a few weeks every summer. The fleeting nature of its beauty means that it is treasured all the more.

This particular specimen, I received as a gift from a good friend, at Christmas. I have waited seven months to see these flowers bloom, and that friend has long since gone. Many people I counted as friends have left this place - those I knew well, and those I wish I had known better and for longer. Unless they return here, it is unlikely that I shall ever see them again.

[He sips his tea.]

But that is the way of all places. I arrived here having lost friends and family alike who I will not meet again, or who would have nothing to say to me if I did. Here or anywhere else, it is rare to find someone who will stay with you forever - but the memory of them is persistent. The value of any relationship does not fall after it is over, and I do not regret the friends I have made here nor the pain of their loss.  Nothing is made meaningless through brevity alone.

[Filtered to anyone who was helping with general feeding efforts over the last few days.]

I know that this flood has been particularly trying, with some being unable to work and many having quite...unusual needs. And I know that even at the best of times, this job is thankless - but in these past few days, as ever, you have all worked admirably. Thank you.

[Private to Valmont]

Let's go for a walk, shall we?
14 June 2011 @ 11:43 pm
[Iroh hasn't got much to say that'll contribute to the Barge's milieu right now.  Hence instead: a musical interlude, switching to written for subsequent private messages.]

[Private to Valmont]

Valmont, are you well? [i.e. has Shendu finished up his tantrum yet. :|]

[Private to Angelica]

I have only been able to gather what happened from others' responses to it; when I came to Iago's own words, I found only silence, and I will not comment on what I have come to know secondhand. I will say only what has always been true: you are a strong, honourable woman. No words will strip that from you.

And I apologise, for speaking selfishly when I suspect you would rather this whole affair be over.